How I Made Over 40% A Year
over 5 Years in My Fund
(Over 200% after fees and expenses)

I was talking with a friend who was thinking of starting an investment fund.

He said: “How did you get a 200% return over 5 years in your fund?”

I said: “I don’t know how to answer that question, without talking for hours.”

He said: “Well, Can you show me?”


I said: “To share everything, and to share every aspect of every strategy and every lesson of what to do and what not to do that I learned… it would take a while, but let me think about it.”

That question got me thinking:

Do I want to take time away from running my successful Real Estate Investment business to teach how I was up over 200% over 5 years in my fund?

Over the next day and a half, I was going back and forth on teaching. I was thinking about the task of writing everything down and of what worked and what didn’t during that 6 year span of running my fund.

You see, when I ran my fund I treated my strategy creation like I was a scientist. If I came up with a theory, I tested and backtested that theory over several years. So there was a lot of test results to share. After thinking of all of the work of putting it all down, I was leaning towards telling him “no”.

Then he called me again the next day and asked, “Have you decided? Can you show me?”

Right then, under his peer pressure, 🙂 I said “Yes.”

And this course was born.

If you are a member of our Warren Buffett Income and Profits Program, you can already see by following the lessons you can do really well in the market just with one strategy.

However, I want to give you more ways than just that to
make money. I want to give you a lot more.

i did a lot of things right and made a lot of mistakes
over the 5 years getting to this result…

Beginning of the fund


After 5 years, our returns minus all fees and expenses,
as calculated by our 3rd party administrator.

Profit Arrow

So I’ve decided to put it all down
on paper in this course.

  • What I did right. What I did wrong.
  • What my main investing strategy was.
  • What my test and back test results were.
  • How I screened for stocks meeting that strategy.
  • What cheap software I used.
  • What free tools I used.
  • How I configured the software to see all the fundamental data in one screen.
  • How looking at millions of charts with these same graphed fundamental and valuation ratios allowed me to see patterns.
  • What are the organizing principles behind why the strategy worked so well?
  • What were the false positives in that screen for investments that I learned the hard way?
  • What questions have I learned to ask to screen out those false positives?
  • What were my specific rules?
  • What would they be now from all of the lessons that I learned?
  • What rules I would and wouldn’t follow now if I were to start and run a fund again?
  • Case study examples of what met the strategy and what are the false positives and why.

How my main investment system found these
stocks and How you will see that it found them.

Here’s an example stock, Visa:

“All I want to know is where I’m going
to die so I don’t go there.”

Charlie Munger

There are many things that will kill your investment
performance. There are many things that will
explode it over time.

I will share what those were for me but also what made me outperform and also what made me lose money at times. What most investors really do is speculate.

You will learn 1 system that you can backtest for yourself in the software that I share with you. Most people do not have a written system for investing.

You will have one after this course that enabled me to be up over 200% over 5 years.

Maybe you have some savings and want to learn how to take control of that savings from someone that has done well with investing.

Maybe you want to be able to invest with certainty based on a checklist that you have learned, that you have confidence in, because of yours and my backtesting.

Maybe you want to be able to find high quality companies selling at all time low valuations.

Maybe you want to run your own fund one day.

Maybe you just want to earn more than 8% annually in your personal portfolio than from investing in an S&P Index fund.

Maybe you already run a fund and want to learn from someone else who has performed well and is transparent in sharing his distinctions and mistakes.


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