Learn to invest using a Checklist-Based Investment Strategy

Part 2 

Checklist Item Number 4


Why is it important to invest using a Checklist?

When you invest using a fundamentals-based checklist that you have researched thoroughly over many years including how it performs during several different crises you develop a confidence that removes your emotional swings and allows you to make clear decisions. This program shares this checklist with you and the companies that meet the checklist every month.  

 Organizing Principles Behind Investing With A Checklist

If you are not investing with a checklist then you really are speculating

We believe that all forms of "investing" without some form of a checklist are really speculating.  There are different degrees of speculating but simplified down, if your company selection decisions are not fundamentally checklist-based then they are really speculations.  

Investing with a checklist allows you to be less influenced by yours and others emotions

The ups and downs of the market can make your emotions go all over the place, investing with a checklist allows you to be making decisions from a place of certainty. 

Checklists make you less prone to errors in judgement

When there is chaos, uncertainty, or challenging conditions, relying on memory, feel, etc. are great ways to make errors in judgement. 


Readers and Viewers of the information contained on this page and in these videos, should be aware that any action taken by the viewer/reader based on this information is taken at their own risk. This information does not address individual situations and should not be construed or viewed as any type of individual or group recommendation. Be sure to first consult with a qualified financial adviser, tax professional, and/or legal counsel before implementing any securities, investments, or investment strategies discussed.


Because Matthew Recore is also a Registered Investment Advisor, we are not able to post any testimonials to stay in compliance with the law.  We do however, have a refund policy after 3 days of going through the course, you can get a full refund it you are not satisfied and do not think this checklist-based strategy will work for you. 


What is included in the Checklist-Based Investment Course?


Monthly Membership

Detailed instruction on every item on the checklist and why? 
What fundamentals matter and why? 
Graphing fundamentals over time
Setting up the TC 2000 software indicators for scanning and researching
Case studies of companies that have met the checklist
Case studies of companies that closely met the checklist
What is most important on the checklist?
Selling covered puts and selling covered calls to generate income  


Monthly updates of the companies that meet all of the items on the checklist

Online Portal and Mobile App to learn when it is best for you

All old and new content is available to you as soon as you sign up. All new content is available to you as long as you are a member.  

Checklist-Based Investment Strategy Course

$2,399 Checklist-Based Strategy System

and $399.00 Checklist-Based Strategy Monthly Membership

Complete Checklist-Based 

  • Video training on all of the components of the checklist
  • Why each component of the checklist is there
  • Case Studies in the past of companies that met the checklist
  • Monthly updates on companies that meet all of the items on the checklist and why
  • How to setup to scan for the companies on your own
  • Different ways to profit from the companies- buy and hold, selling cash secured puts, or selling calls
  • Monthly Zoom Recordings of Companies meeting the checklist and why
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Everything I learned from 10 years of investing with this fundamentals based checklist-based strategy. Monthly updates of every company meeting the checklist and which ones could be soon. 

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