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I remember a while back when I was ready to give up on using any other strategy for investing in the stock market than the main one I used in my fund to be up over 205% over 5 years.

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I was at a point where I was just going to go all-in on just that strategy that
I had backtested thoroughly, had an updated checklist for, and that had made me a lot of money.

Something, though, was soon to shift inside of me towards giving up on finding another stock market investment strategy. I started to think about someone else who had been served by the stock market.

I had read almost everything this person had said in the past, traveled to see him and studied this person but had not looked into creating a specific investment checklist around investing in just his business.

Many realizations came after I asked
myself a few new questions and began
doing some extensive research.

The Questions Were-


“What if I were to truly master this one company’s stock,
 managed by the greatest investor of all time?”

“What if I applied everything that I knew about fundamental
analysis, technical analysis, back testing, top down investing,
and value investing to this one company’s stock?”

“What if I created a checklist that I continually refined around
this one stock based on fundamental and technical analysis?”

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This great investor and this
one stock was Warren Buffett
and Berkshire Hathaway.

So I set out on a mission. My mission was to see if I
could master this one stock and use that knowledge
and mastery to make a lot of money.

My mission was to create an investing checklist around the
best investor in the world’s stock.

That checklist has been created and now I have decided to share that checklist and research to help you to make a lot of money as well.

I used technical analysis, fundamental analysis, all of my experience running my fund, the years of going to annual meetings, annual letter analysis to come up with a checklist based system for mastering investing in this one stock.

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What if you had the opportunity to generate monthly
 income from the greatest investor that ever lived

What if you only had to learn about one stock and this
 one stock could make you a tremendous income?

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Our realized profits in 2019, from this checklist-based investment
 strategy taught in the Buffet Income and Profits Course was $93,638.00.

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What if you had someone that already did all of the work on that stock and showed you everything that he has learned about how to value it and when to enter?

What if you had insight into the fluctuations of the stock, Berkshire Hathaway, and could time your entries and exits better for income and capital gains?

In our flagship program, we show you how every day we analyze Warren Buffett’s Holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, to reveal the opportunities that exist several times a year to make a tremendous income or capital gain profits from Berkshire Hathaway stock or options.

We do a lot of the work for you and show you how we do it.

You see Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, currently owns over $200 billion worth of publicly traded securities (in addition to over $112 Billion in cash, at the time of writing this, and over 50 well performing companies).

The value of that $200 billion portfolio fluctuates daily by several billion dollars.

Several times per year, the value of Berkshire
Hathaway B shares do not correlate with the daily value of the portfolio.

We love when the market misprices Berkshire shares as compared to the underlying portfolio. Those are times to buy Berkshire and we tell our members about these times and show them how to see these opportunities for themselves.
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Matthew Recore with
Ajit Jain-Berkshire Hathaway
Board Member and Vice Chairman of
Insurance Operations
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Sometimes Berkshire trades below prices that the
company bought back a lot of stock.

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Also, there are times when the options for Berkshire Hathaway
get very expensive.

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These create opportunities for us to MAKE OVER 10% some months on selling the covered options.

In investing, making money doesn’t need to be complex or difficult.

It also doesn’t need to require much effort or involve a lot of risk.

Sometimes it can be as easy as buying a great company
at certain times of the year and holding for a little while
and selling calls to generate low risk income.

But, when to buy and when to sell is the question. What are the ways and the
best times to generate income? That’s where we come in. That’s where we help.
Sign up for the free training on how we do that and how our service can help
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After going through this free training, you will be offered access to the course. If after 30 days of going through this course, if you don’t feel like it will improve your investment performance you can return it for a full refund.

Common Questions


What if I don't know anything about buying a stock?


Included in the Buffett Income and Profits course is access to our Fundamental Investing and Trading course where we teach the fundamental concepts of investing that will allow you to get started from wherever you are at. In some ways, it is better to be inexperienced coming in because you will not have to unlearn principles and habits that are dangerous or not true about successful investing and trading.


What if I don't know anything about how to value a stock?


That is Ok. We teach how to value Berkshire Hathaway using several different metrics so you will understand how to value the business on a fundamental basis. After applying the lessons yourself and seeing the lessons taught in the course applied over time, your confidence will grow in your ability to value a business.


What if I only have lost money in the stock market in the past?


There's a good chance that you were not investing using a checklist, were using leverage directly with margin or indirectly with options, were overtaken with fear that forced you to sell, or were invested in a bad or declining business. When you learn to strategically invest in high-quality businesses using a checklist, at the right time, and not using leverage, your chances of success greatly increase. With the Buffett Income and Profits Course, you are learning a system that puts the odds for success greatly in your favor by using a checklist for when to invest in a high quality business.

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