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What has created my wealth, and the hundreds of people that I have studied is that we focused on buying, building, creating, or accumulating assets. That accumulating or building of assets could have been by buying them, creating them, building them, or saving/accumulating them. The results are all the same.

The 3 greatest accumulators of wealth, if you look at the Forbes List or anyone approaching it, is through these assets.

1. Real Estate Investments

2. Stocks or Equity in a business that they have a passive or active interest in

3. Compounding of earned income into assets that appreciate or produce cash flow

Wherever you are, you can start first with a commitment and then with a plan to turn your earned income in the form of wages or commissions into assets.

1. Real Estate- This can be single-family homes, apartments, or commercial real estate. All Real Estate is not created equal, just like all businesses are not the same.

2. Equity Interests in Quality Businesses- This can be shares of private or public companies or wholly-owned businesses.

3. Turning earned income into assets that appreciate and produce cash flow- Taking your earned income and intelligently investing it into businesses or investments that produce cash in the form of cash flow or cash later in the form of capital gains one day in the future.

We have 3 courses and 1 book at the Wealth Creation School that teach about intelligently buying assets to build wealth.

They are

Buffett Income and Profits Course- Program Link

Success Fund Strategy- How I was up over 40 percent a year in my fund over 5 years

Program Link

Real Estate Buying Machine- Program Link

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Get The 15 Wealth Creation Secrets To Become SIGNIFICANTLY Wealthier